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Jefferson County, WV:

Live webcams of ballots & counting. Two cameras show the county commission room. From 9-5, while early voting takes place, cameras are dark  (or they ask for a password, which you don't have). 

If you see anything strange on the webcams, you can save the image by pressing the Alt & PrintScreen keys at the same time, then Start/Programs/Accessories/Paint/Edit/Paste/File/SaveAs and give the image a name. If you know a way to store the streaming images & monitor them for movement, please tell the webmaster.

The election webcams do not have sound, since they were bought to supplement the security system, letting the public monitor that no one is tampering with ballots or equipment when the room is closed. The system can deter people from tampering, because they would not know if someone was watching or storing the images over the internet. The webpage may ask you to install "Axis Media Control." 

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General Election 10/18/06-11/7/06
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